Soundings 40: End of an Era



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: December 1, 2008

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Editorial: End of an era (Soundings 40, Winter 2008)

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Whose Personalisation? (Soundings 40, Winter 2008)

Peter Beresford

The rise of the service user (Soundings 40, Winter 2008)

Sally Baker, Brian J. Brown

Darzi & Co: corporate capture in the NHS (Soundings 40, Winter 2008)

Stewart Player

The low carbon light at the end of the tunnel (Soundings 40, Winter 2008)

Colin Hines

The Sakhalin saga (Soundings 40, Winter 2008)

Michael Bradshaw

Revitalising Europe (Soundings 40, Winter 2008)

Reviews (Soundings 40, Winter 2008)

Molly Scott Cato, Michael Prior

Four poems in translation (Soundings 40, Winter 2008)

The law and order trap (Soundings 40, Winter 2008)

Robert Reiner

Reimagining the facts of life (Soundings 40, Winter 2008)

Sarah Franklin

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