Soundings 42: Killing Fields of Inequality



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: August 1, 2009

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Editorial: Killing fields of inequality (Soundings 42, Summer 2009)

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The UK drug problem in global Perspective (Soundings 42, Summer 2009)

Julia Buxton

The living wage (Soundings 42, Summer 2009)

Jane Wills

Academies: privatising England's Schools (Soundings 42, Summer 2009)

Terry Wrigley

Relationship and dependency in the public sphere (Soundings 42, Summer 2009)

Tim Dartington

Does the end of life have to be hell? (Soundings 42, Summer 2009)

Guy C. Brown, Sarah A. Radcliffe

Public service reform, the individual and the state (Soundings 42, Summer 2009)

Hilary Cottam

UK food security (Soundings 42, Summer 2009)

Robin Maynard

Frames and conjunctures in present-day capitalism (Soundings 42, Summer 2009)

Karel Williams

Constructing a left politics (Soundings 42, Summer 2009)

Bryan Gould

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