Soundings 45: Eye of the Storm



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: August 1, 2010

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Editorial: Eye of the storm (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

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The political struggle ahead (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

Doreen Massey

Labour in a time of coalition (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

Sally Davison, Stuart Hall, Michael Rustin, Jonathan Rutherford

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What comes after New Labour? (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

Gerry Hassan

The SNP and the 'new politics' (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

Richard Thomson

Rebuilding social-democracy in twenty-first century Britain (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

George Irvin

Greek myths (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

Duncan Weldon

Money manager capitalism and the global financial crisis (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

L. Randall Wray

Carbon trading: how it works and why it fails (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

Oscar Reyes, Tamra Gilbertson

Reviews (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

Daniel Whittall, Victor Anderson, Nick Couldry, Jeremy Gilbert, David Hesmondhalgh, Kate Nash

Why I am a socialist (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

Ruth Levitas

Smile till it hurts (Soundings 45, Summer 2010)

Laurie Penny

Lives on the line (Soundings 45, )

Vron Ware

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