Soundings 51: Scotland’s Future



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: July 1, 2012

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Editorial: Scotland's Future (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Jonathan Rutherford, Sally Davison

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Scotland, nationalism and the left: a conversation (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Gerry Hassan, Douglas Alexander

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A popular environmentalism (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Ruth Davis

Waking the green giant (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Guy Shrubsole

The great transformation in the global labour market (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Phillip Brown, Hugh Lauder

Why young people can't get the jobs they want and what can be done about it (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Martin Allen, Patrick Ainley

Financing growth: private portfolios and public investment (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Cormac Hollingsworth

The case for a national investment bank (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Gerald Holtham

The Tories' Ten Commandments (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Tim Bale

Reviews (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Ken Worpole, Barry Winter

Venezuela: another good example under threat (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Francisco Dominguez

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Roundtable: Roll over Mick Jagger (Soundings 51, Summer 2012)

Sarah Baker, Clare Coatman, David Floyd, Ben Little, Shiv Malik

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