Soundings 53: Where next?



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: April 1, 2013

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Editorial: Where next? (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

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After neoliberalism: analysing the present (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Stuart Hall, Doreen Massey, Michael Rustin

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The state of the left (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Andrew Gamble

Green shoots? Interview with Natalie Bennett (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Jo Littler, Susanna Rustin, Natalie Bennett

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Why its still kicking off everywhere (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Paul Mason

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Railways - beyond privatisation (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Paul Salveson

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Leveson and the prospects for media reform (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Deborah Grayson, Des Freedman

Revisiting the Olympic legacy (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

James Graham, Bob Gilbert, Anna Minton, Mark Perryman, Gavin Poynter, Claire Westall

In France, will change be now or never? (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Gavin Bowd

A connected society (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Danielle Allen

Reviews (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Neal Lawson, Ken Spours, Ed Wallis

Has multiculturalism in Britain retreated? (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Varun Uberoi, Tariq Modood

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When is peace? Women's post-accord experiences in three countries (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Cynthia Cockburn

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