Soundings 56: Austerity generation



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: April 1, 2014

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In memory of Stuart Hall (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Sally Davison

Editorial: Austerity generation (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

After neoliberalism: the need for a gender revolution (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Beatrix Campbell

A growing discontent: class and generation under neoliberalism (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Ben Little

The new moralism: austerity, silencing and debt morality (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Selfishness in austerity times (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Explores how selfishness is of ever more frequent circulation within the political lexicon, including being increasingly validated as a virtue.

Roundtable: Life after work (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Jo Littler, Nina Power

Youth rebellion and social mobilisation in Sweden (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Future options for the NHS (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Steve Iliffe and Richard Bourne look at the challenges facing an incoming Labour government needing to rescue the health service - and put forward useful ideas on how to do so.

The Relational Society: a response to Michael Rustin (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Hilary Cottam

Effects of gravity: German coalition politics (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Simon Garnett

After the Euro, the Avra (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Poems: Reel Iraq (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Zaher Mousa, Awezan Nouri

After Thatcher: still trying to piece it all together (Soundings 56, Spring 2014)

Sheila Rowbotham, Lynne Segal, Hilary Wainwright, Pragna Patel

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