Soundings 58: Dialogue and memory



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: December 1, 2014

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Editorial: Dialogue and memory (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

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Feminism, generation and intersectionality (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

Alison Winch

The fortunes of socialist feminism: Interview with Nancy Fraser (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

Jo Littler, Nancy Fraser

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Still living with sexism (after all these years) (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

Susan Douglas

Resilience is futile (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

Kristina Diprose

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Labour and the battle of ideas (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

David Featherstone

A state for the commons: neoliberalism through the lens of advice work (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

Sam Kirwan

Community number capture (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

Gerry Aiken

Whose time is it anyway? (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

Sarah Benton

Poems from Smokestack (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

John Berger

Poppies, Tommies and remembrance (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

Maggie Andrews

Rethinking the neoliberal world order (Soundings 58, Winter 2014)

Michael Rustin, Doreen Massey

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Ernesto Laclau (1935-2014): an appreciation (Soundings 58, Spring 2015)

David Slater

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