Soundings 59: Dare to win



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: March 1, 2015

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Editorial: Dare to win (Soundings 59, Spring 2014)

David Featherstone, Deborah Grayson, Ben Little

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Elections and political change (Soundings 59, Spring 2015)

Doreen Massey, Michael Rustin

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Roundtable: Scotland's road to the future (Soundings 59, Spring 2015)

Gerry Hassan, Eleanor Yule, Cat Boyd, Anni Pues

Democracy in the workplace (Soundings 59, Spring 2015)

Frances O'Grady, Mark Langhammer, Chris Winch

Resources for an English socialism (Soundings 59, Spring 2015)

Paul Salveson

Occupy and the 99% (Soundings 59, Spring 2015)

Jacob Mukherjee

Race, migration and neoliberalism (Soundings 59, Spring 2014)

Sally Davison, George Shire

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Energy beyond neoliberalism (Soundings 59, Spring 2014)


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All that is solid melts into air: climate change and neoliberalism (Soundings 59, Spring 2015)

Guy Shrubsole

Memories of the future: an essay on hope and fear (Soundings 59, Spring 2015)

James Marriott

Reviews (Soundings 59, Spring 2015)

Daniel Trilling, Pat Devine, Michael Rustin

Poems (Soundings 59, Spring 2015)

Michael Rosen

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