Soundings 60: Austerity and dissent



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: July 1, 2015

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Editorial: The tasks ahead (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

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Roundtable: European alternatives (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

Marina Prentoulis, Sirio Canós Donnay, Simon Dubbins, Doreen Massey

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Disaffected consent: that post-democratic feeling (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

Jeremy Gilbert

The centre will not hold: changing principles of political hope (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

Phil Cohen

The knowledge market (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

Lynda Dyson

Voluntary action, the state and the market (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

Andy Benson

Localism and austerity: a gender perspective (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

Elena Vacchelli

Dickensian blocks: East London's contemporary housing landscape (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

Stephanie Polsky

Three poems from Palestine (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

Tareq al-Karmy, Majid Abu Ghoush

Reviews (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

Tareq al-Karmy, Majid Abu Ghoush

The 1984-5 miners' strike and the spirit of solidarity (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

Diarmaid Kelliner

A Magna Carta for all humanity: homing in on human rights (Soundings 60, Summer 2015)

Francesca Klug

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