Soundings 63: Spaces of resistance



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Format: Single issue (print)

Publication date: July 1, 2016

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Editorial (Soundings 63, Summer 2016) FREE

Sally Davison

Contested spaces of hegemony: left alliances after the crisis. Is it possible to construct alliances in the new landscape of the left? (Soundings 63, Summer 2016)

David Featherstone


From the EU to Latin America: left populism and regional integration (Soundings 63, Summer 2016) FREE

Marina Prentoulis

Doreen Massey (1944-2016): an appreciation (Soundings 63, Summer 2016) FREE

Joe Painter

Wales, the Corbyn surge, and the direction of the democratic left (Soundings 63, Summer 2016)

Gideon Calder, David Marquand, Leanne Wood, Neal Lawson


Scotland and alternatives to neoliberalism (Soundings 63, Summer 2016)

Neil Davidson, Satnam Virdee, Gerry Mooney, Jenny Morrison


The Asian Youth Movements: racism and resistance (Soundings 63, Summer 2016) FREE

Anandi Ramamurthy

Black lives on campuses matter: the rise of the new black student movement (Soundings 63, Summer 2016) FREE

Khadijah White

What would Rosa do? Co-operatives and radical politics (Soundings 63, Summer 2016)

Marisol Sandoval


Labour and cultural change (Soundings 63, Summer 2016)

John Chowcat


On the borders of solidarity: ethics, power and immigration controls (Soundings 63, Summer 2016)

Phillip Cole


Three Poems from Futures: Poetry of the Greek Crisis (Soundings 63, Summer 2016)

Theodoros Chiotis, Theodoros Rakopoulos, Adrianne Kalfopoulou, Stephanos Papadopoulos


Reviews (Soundings 63, Summer 2016)

Scott Hames, Hannah Hamad


The neoliberal university and its alternatives (Soundings 63, Summer 2016) FREE

Michael Rustin