Soundings 67: Ways of resisting



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: December 1, 2017

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Editorial (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Sally Davison

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What has happened to our schools? (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Michael Rustin, Myra Barrs

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Popular political cultures and the Caribbean carnival (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Emily Zobel Marshall, Max Farrar, Guy Farrar

Music, politics and identity: from Cool Britannia to Grime4Corbyn (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Rhian E. Jones

The continuing battle of Grangemouth: an interview with Mark Lyon (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Sally Davison, Dave Featherstone, Mark Lyon

Workers’ control in Britain: problems and possibilities (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Mark Langhammer

Popular perceptions of disrupted childhoods (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Kirsty Capes

Critiquing the media: Stuart Hall on television (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Amy Villarejo

Citizenship and colonialism (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Tendayi Bloom

Review: Plumbing the depths of public discourse on immigration (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Rima Saini

Poem: To my son Yacine (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Abdellatif La√¢bi

The Pyongyang paradox (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Pyongyang is trapped in a paradox. The very measures it feels to be essential to the ensuring of its long-term survival are precisely those that are putting it in short-term peril. Kim Jong Un’s Byungjin line - which gives equal importance to the building of the nuclear deterrent and the development of the economy - is designed to provide the security and space necessary to allow time for the economy to grow. The ultimate intention is to transform North Korea into a variant of Vietnam or China. Yet the nuclear strand of this policy makes the country vulnerable to a ‘preventive’ strike by Washington and its ‘Coalition of the Willing’ (which would devastate Northeast Asia, not just North Korea).

A letter from Catalonia (Soundings 67, Winter 2017)

Nora Rathzel

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