Soundings 68: Grit, oil and grime



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: April 1, 2018

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Editorial: politics and place (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

David Featherstone

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Interview: Where the fires are (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

Wendy Brown, Jo Littler

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The final chapter for North Sea oil (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

Adam Ramsay

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Grime Labour (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

Monique Charles

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Eight years on the frontline of regeneration: ten lessons from the Enfield experiment (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

Alan Sitkin

The Russian revolution and black radicalism in the United States (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

Cathy Bergin

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From dementia tax to a solution for social care (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

Peter Beresford, Colin Slasberg , Luke Clements

The causes of inequality: why social epidemiology is not enough (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

Michael Rustin

Contemporary African art in Paris: from Magiciens de la Terre to Afriques Capitales (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

Carol Ann Dixon

Poems from prison (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

Kate Potts

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Review: The interior world of the cult (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

Roshi Naidoo

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The concept of inclusive economic growth (Soundings 68, Spring 2018)

Sylvia Walby

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