Soundings 7: States of Africa



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Editorial: Problems with Globalisation (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Doreen Massey

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The Break-up of the Conservative Nation (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Bill Schwarz

The Uncanny Family (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Wendy Wheeler

Economic Globalisation and the Nation State: The Transformation of Political Power? (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

David Goldblatt, David Held, Anthony McGrew, Jonathan Perraton

Poems (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Okello Oculi, Daniel Wyke, Linda Chase, Jane Evans

Reviews (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Ludovic Hunter-Tilney, Christine Clegg, Timothy Bewes, Kathenne Frank

States Under Pressure (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Basil Davidson

A genocide foretold & Testimony of a survivor (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Rakiya Omaar, Augustin Ndahimana Buranga

Moi's Achilles Heel? (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

President Moi is still hanging on to power. Can he be unseated by constitutional challenge alone?

Photofeature: Portraits of Africa (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Jenny Matthews

Angola under attack (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Victoria Brittain

They Were Better (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Ngugi wa Mirii

Cost-recovery, Adjustment and Equity in Health: Some Lessons from Zimbabwe (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Kevin Watkins

Mozambique - under new management (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Joseph Hanlon

Corruption and the State: The Warioba Report (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Joseph Warioba

The Role of the NUM in South Africa: I Introduction (Soundings 7, Autumn 1997)

Vic Allen

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