Soundings 72: Agency and change



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: July 1, 2019

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Editorial: Who are ‘the many’? (Soundings 72, Summer 2019)

Sally Davison, Kirsten Forkert

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Brexit and democracy (Soundings 72, Summer 2019)

Mary Kaldor

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Populism (Soundings 72, Summer 2019)

David Featherstone, Lazaros Karaliotas

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The question of progressive agency (Soundings 72, Summer 2019)

Michael Rustin

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Yellow fever: populist pangs in France (Soundings 72, Summer 2019)

Gabriel Bristow

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Welfare imaginaries at the interregnum (Soundings 72, Summer 2019)

This article brings together reflections from the recent seminar series, Welfare Imaginaries, and explores the ways that ‘welfare’ has been and can be narrated, constructed and understood.

Confronting power: how can we transform political education? (Soundings 72, Summer 2019)

Five people involved in political education projects look at ways of creating approaches to political education that can assist in the development of a culturally inclusive, participatory and democratic left politics.

A new vision for adult education (Soundings 72, Summer 2019)

Adult education is profoundly political: historically, it has enabled access to education for those who would otherwise have been excluded, and it has played an important role in the development of a democratic politics. The austerity years have led to the erosion of access to education for working-class people, as higher education has become increasingly selective, mono-cultural and elitist, and Further Education has been seriously affected by funding cuts.

Green business and local economies (Soundings 72, Summer 2019)

This article focuses on how the green agenda can be progressed through practical steps at the local government level. The author draws on his time as a councillor in the London Borough of Enfield, where he combined his interests in regeneration and sustainability.

Ode to the unwavering people of Afghanistan (Soundings 72, Summer 2019)

Hjalmar Jorge Joffre-Eichhorn

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Reviews (Soundings 72, Summer 2019)

Antje Scharenberg, Nick Beech, Simon Peplow

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