Soundings 73: Power to the people?



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: December 1, 2019

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Editorial: Everything to fight for (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

Sally Davison

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Boris Johnson’s Conservatism: an insurrection against political reason? (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

Bill Schwarz

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Queer comrades: towards a postsocialist queer politics (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

The radical potential of the term tongzhi comes from its condensation of past and contemporary egalitarian traditions

This is not an essay about Trump (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

We are living through a period of chaotic transition, in which the politics of affect are playing an ever-increasing role.

Religion, the secular and the left (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

Deborah Grayson, Tamanda Walker

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‘We do not have to be vicious, competitive, or managerial’: Akwugo Emejulu interviewed by Jo Littler (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

Jo Littler, Akwugo Emejulu

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Radical left parties, counter-hegemony and the EU (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

What are the possibilities for building a counter-hegemonic radical left in Europe?

Mind the gap: the role of intercultural dialogues in building other Europes (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

Rasha Shaaban talks to Antje Scharenberg

Babies and bathwaters: attachment, neuroscience, evolution and the left (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

The left should take another look at attachment, neurobiology and early life experience.

‘We got the power!’: the political potential of street choirs (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

Street choirs engage our emotions, revealing opportunities to make connections and nurture solidarities.

The commonwealth of winds (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

James Marriott

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Reviews (Soundings 73, Winter 2019)

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