Soundings 74: New municipal alternatives



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: April 1, 2020

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Editorial (Soundings 74, Spring 2020)

Jo Littler, David Featherstone, Sally Davison

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Municipalism and feminism then and now (Soundings 74, Spring 2020)

Jo Littler, Hilary Wainwright

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A missing municipalist legacy: the GLC and the changing cultural politics of Southbank Centre (Soundings 74, Spring 2020)

The Southbank Centre tends to minimise its inheritance from the GLC - reflecting a wider practice of silencing alternatives to neoliberalism.

Adapting to the political moment and diverse terrain of ‘Actually Existing Municipalisms’ (Soundings 74, Spring 2020)

Tried and trusted forms of municipalism will continue to play an important role in any new municipal alliances.

New municipalism as space for solidarity (Soundings 74, Spring 2020)

Óscar García Agustín

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‘Take back control’: English new municipalism and the question of belonging (Soundings 74, Spring 2020)

New municipalism points to ways of grounding a revitalised democracy in more inclusive forms of belonging.

Cities of solidarity (Soundings 74, Spring 2020)

A conversation between the mayor of Palermo and the mayor of Izmir.

Making power emerge: municipalism and the right to the city (Soundings 74, Spring 2020)

Municipalist strategies enable a radical re-articulation of our hopes for political change.

Review (Soundings 74, Spring 2020)

Kate Potts

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Building the 'Boris bloc': angry politics in turbulent times (Soundings 74, Spring 2020)

John Clarke

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The New Left and its legacies (Soundings 74, Spring 2020)

Michael Rustin, Jeremy Gilbert, Sally Davison

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