Soundings 8: Active Welfare



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Editorial: The New Labour Project (Soundings 8, Spring 1998)

Michael Rustin

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Writing the obituaries (Soundings 8, Spring 1998)

Manfred Pfister, Patrick Wright

Netanyahu's Oslo: Peace in the slow lane (Soundings 8, Spring 1998)

John Strawson

Poems (Soundings 8, Spring 1998)

Catherine Byron, Jane Evans, Frances Angela, U.A. Fanthorpe, Gregory Warren Wilson

Karomat Isaeva's tale as told to Colette Harris (Soundings 8, Spring 1998)

Colette Harris

The Perverse Modernisation of British Universities (Soundings 8, Spring 1998)

Michael Rustin

Reviews (Soundings 8, Spring 1998)

Paul Myerscough, Joanna Clarke-Jones, Reina Lewis, Rebecca L. Walkowitz

Dickens and Flaubert: A Tale of Two Housing Estates (Soundings 8, Spring 1998)

John Pitts

Livstycket: Working with Immigrant Women (Soundings 8, Spring 1998)

Angela Leopold

Crossing cultural boundaries Marginalised children and families in the French school system (Soundings 8, Spring 1998)

Hassan Ezzedine, Alain Grevot

Looking for the crevices Consulting with users of mental health services (Soundings 8, Spring 1998)

Helen Morgan

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