Soundings 9: European Left



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: April 16, 8000

Editorial: Avoiding Disenchantment (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Michael Rustin

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New labour, new monetarism (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Philip Arestis, Malcolm Sawyer

Future generations A right way forward? (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Mario Petrucci

Thinking with music (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Angela McRobbie

Poems (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Frances Wilson, Judy Gahagan, Okello Okuli, Catherine Smith, Carole Satyamurti

Reviews (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Catherine Hall, Becky Hall, Susanna Rustin, Harriet Atkinson

New social movements in Hungary (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Mate Szabo

Reconciling Past and Present in Lithuania (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Leonadis Donskis

Social Exclusion and Multiple Identities (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Peter Weinreich

Lettre de France (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Alain Caille

Elusive Solidarity in the French Welfare State (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

John Crowley

Swedish Multicultural Society (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Alexandra Alund

A View from Sweden (Soundings 9, Summer 1998)

Martin Peterson

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