Soundings Issue 77: History / memory



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Publication date: April 20, 2021

Can a re-animated New Deal see off Trump Republicanism?

Matt Seaton

Is Macron the persuader reaching the end of the road?

Chris Myant

‘Every generation has to make its own women’s movement’

Sheila Rowbotham

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The legacies of British slave ownership

Catherine Hall, Ruth Ramsden-Karelse


Andrew Gamble

Mutualism, massive and the city to come: Jungle Pirate Radio in 1990s London

Tom Cordell, Malcolm James

The long revolution: why the left needs a strategic and long-term perspective

Michael Rustin

Arch villains

Richard Payne

When care needs piracy: the case for disobedience in struggles against imperial property regimes

Valeria Graziano, Tomislav Medak, Marcell Mar

Small Axe and the big tree of 2020

Roshi Naidoo

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