Volume 20 No. 2-3



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: January 10, 2012

Editorial: Twenty years of Renewal - Labour, New Labour, social democracy (Renewal 20.2,3, Summer / Autumn 2012)

Ben Jackson

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The identity crisis of Jon Cruddas (Renewal 21.2,3, Summer / Autumn 2012)

Sunder Katwala

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Obama and the prospects for American progressives: Interview with Robert Kuttner (Renewal 21.2,3, Summer / Autumn 2012)

Ben Jackson

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Review: Ferdinand Mount, a conversion on the road from the Barbican (Renewal 21.2,3, Summer / Autumn 2012)

Danny Dorling

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Don’t expect too much: lessons from the Conservatives 
Tim Bale

My Labour, New Labour, twenty-first century Labour 
Phil Wilson

The republic, old and new 
Philip Pettit

The moral economy of Occupy Wall Street 
Frances Fox Piven

Who or what is to blame? 
Neal Lawson

Anti-politics and what the left can do about it 
William Brett

No politics are local: dilemmas of American federalism 
Conor Gaffney

Bishop Auckland or bust: rebalancing the regions 
Lewis Goodall

The political economy of Scottish independence 
Michael Keating

Crowding effects on intrinsic motivation 
Bruno Frey 

The failure of executive incentive schemes 
Tom Powdrill 

Adam Smith and motivation crowding out 
Lisa Herzog 

Knights and pawns: behaviour and the welfare state 
John Welshman

Explaining Hollande’s victory
Jocelyn Evans

Richard Bourke & Alvin Jackson, Trajectories of union
Reviewed by James Stafford

Diane Coyle, Enough of neo-liberalism
Reviewed by Bill Blackwater

Jan-Werner Müller, The forward march of democracy halted?
Reviewed by Christopher Brooke

Stephen Brooke, Sexual politics
Reviewed by Olivia Bailey 

Martin O’Neill & Thad Williamson, Property-owning democracy and pre-distribution
Reviewed by Natan Doron