Volume 21 No. 1



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: January 5, 2013

Can One Nation Labour learn from the New Left? (Renewal 21.1, Spring 2013)

Madeleine Davis

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The first New Left, Blue Labour and English modernity (Renewal 21.1, Spring 2013)

Jonathan Rutherford

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The political economy of the service transition (Renewal 21.1, Spring 2013)

Anne Wren

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E.P. Thompson and the politics of ‘one nation’ 
Michael Kenny

The New Left and Labour’s economic strategy
Mark Wickham Jones

Lessons from the May Day Manifesto
Michael Rustin

Crises of capitalism and social democracy
John Bellamy Foster interviewed by Bill Blackwater

Leveson, politicians and the press: origins of the present crisis 

Helena See

Leveson, press freedom and the watchdogs 
Jacob Rowbottom

Welsh Labour in power: ‘One Wales’ vs. ‘One Nation’?
David S. Moon

An emergent consensus on public services
Graeme Cooke and Rick Muir reviewed by Catherine Needham

How did the Conservatives change? 
Tim Bale reviewed by Robert Saunders