Volume 22 No. 1-2



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: January 6, 2014

Independence after the crash (Renewal 22.1,2, Spring / Summer 2014)

James Stafford

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The left and Scottish nationalism (Renewal 22.1,2, Spring / Summer 2014)

Ben Jackson

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Scotlands future - really? (Renewal 22.1,2, Spring / Summer 2014)

Jim Gallagher

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The nationalist interpretation of Scottish history (Renewal 22.1,2, Spring / Summer 2014)

Greg McClymont

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Gerry Hassan

After the referendum
Adam Fusco

The instability of Welsh devolution
Adam Evans

The politics of Englishness

Michael Kenny, Nick Pearce, Matthew D’Ancona, Andrew Gamble, Judith Bara

The reform of public services: The One Nation agenda

Steve Reed and Lisa Nandy

The Scotland in Europe referendum, 1975

Robert Saunders

The politics of public spending: A 2030 vision
Robert Tinker

Blue Labour and nostalgia
Richard Jobson

Salvaging House of Lords reform

Stephen Barber

The Italian left at a crossroads
Lilia Guigni