Volume 22 No. 3-4



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Format: Single issue (digital)

Publication date: January 9, 2014

Modern money and the escape from austerity (Renewal 21.2,3, Autumn / Winter 2014)

Joe Guinan

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Clement Attlee and the foundations of the British welfare state (Renewal 21.2,3, Autumn / Winter 2014)

Rachel Reeves, Martin McIvor

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Inequality and what to do about it: Interview with Thomas Piketty (Renewal 21.2,3, Autumn / Winter 2014)

Martin O’Neill, Nick Pearce

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London, the state and the under-development of Britain

Jeffrey Henderson and Suet Ying Ho

Miraculous Germany Wencke Meteling Capitalism, neo-liberalism and democracy
Wolfgang Streeck interviewed by Ben Jackson

The limits of neo-liberalism

Bob Jessop, Stephanie Mudge, Jonathan Derbyshire, William Davies

The role of ideas in a revival of social democracy

Tim Battin

Harold Wilson’s rhetoric

Andrew Scott Crines

The problem of riches

Paul Segal

Social democratic surrender? IPPR’s Condition of Britain

Reviewed by Howard Reed

Pettit’s republic: Phillip Pettit’s On the People’s Terms and Just Freedom
Reviewed by Lea Ypi

An unsayable truth: Roger Liddle’s The Europe Dilemma
Reviewed by Jeremy Cliffe