Why its still kicking off everywhere (Soundings 53, Spring 2013)

Author: Paul Mason



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Publication date: April 1, 2013

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Paul Mason

We are witnessing a global revolt against neoliberalism, especially from young people who believe that the system has failed to secure their future. This has been aided by the communications revolution, which assists the development of horizontal and networked groups. Critics of this kind of organisation tend to be shaped by a time when there were structured, hierarchical movements with clear counter-narratives and demands. This time has now passed, and current movements reflect the new realities as well as the nature of contemporary working life Рfragmented, short-lived, ephemeral, lacking ties. But in spite of this the social movements are seeking to develop a counterpower within capitalism, and ways of living differently. And given that neoliberalism is incapable of delivering a secure future, it is likely that things will continue to kick off.

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