Lawrence Wishart have been publishing critical left ideas on politics and culture since 1936. Through books, journals and events, we foster a space where people can think together, challenge political ‘common sense’ and explore new possibilities. Our current work is particularly focused on the areas of race, gender, LGBTQ+ issues, intersectionality, climate justice, and colonialism.

We believe that a critique of capitalism and neoliberalism is an essential part of left politics; and that political action needs to be underpinned both by a critical understanding of the current moment and by a sense of the forces that have shaped that moment, so that immediate political action can be understood within a longer-term strategy for change.

We also believe that there is more to politics than the structure of the economy, and that culture is integral to politics. We remain indebted to Stuart Hall for his work in exploring these links, and for his development of Gramscian ideas in ways that help activists comprehend the complexity of modern societies. Our journal Soundings, of which Stuart was a founding editor, seeks to continue to engage with current issues from this perspective.



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LW is managed by a board which provides strategic leadership: Sally Davison, Alan Finlayson, Mark Chilver, Brenda Kirsch (chair), Ben Little, Bill Norris, Jeff Rodrigues.
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LW’s publishing strategy is guided by an editorial group: Sally Davison, Deborah Grayson, Alan Finlayson, Kate Potts, Kirsten Forkert, Brenda Kirsch, Katharine Harris and Jumanah Younis


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