LW Unsolicited Submissions Guidelines

Submissions that we don’t directly commission are very costly to assess. LW does not want to discourage authors from making unsolicited submissions, but it is important that you use this online form. This has been designed to give you a good opportunity to make your pitch while helping us manage the unplanned workloads that unsolicited submissions involve.


An overview of the book detailing the key themes. We will be looking for something original, an angle on the topic you have chosen that we haven't heard before. Try to be concise while getting across the key points. (250 words)
The potential market for the book: who will want to read it? While we have a political commitment to producing interesting new work, we have to be able to sell your book in order to continue to exist. (100 words)
This will give you an opportunity to think through the structure of the book and helps us to see that the proposal has been fleshed out beyond the initial idea. Give us the name of each chapter and a short description (max 500 words total).
Max. file size: 50 MB.

I am afraid that we will not be able to consider submissions that do not use this form, nor can we advise on individual proposals.

If we think that your proposal has the potential to develop into a LW book, we will be in touch within 3 months.