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FORUM: for promoting 3 to 19 comprehensive education – Call for Papers

Posted on 18/05/2021

Contributions are invited for the Autumn 2021 number of FORUM, for which the copy date is Monday 12 July.

At the end of an unprecedentedly-challenging year in education, the Covid-19 pandemic seems to be ebbing across the UK. Schools are again fully open. College and university students can shortly return to their campuses. But the pillars which upheld what used to be normal in education have been shaken by the flood. SATs have been scrapped, along with secondary level public exams and the primary level phonics ‘check’. The maintained system’s essential requirement in the eyes of ministers—that it prepare students for high stakes summative tests—is in abeyance. Surveys suggest that a curriculum whose contents are decided by those who don’t teach it, and a pedagogical model based on delivery and regurgitation, has struggled to engage students out of school, to the concern of many parents. The vital importance of the three-way relationship at the heart of formal education, between school, young person, and home, has been underscored even as the government’s failure adequately to resource educational and social provision has been exposed.

As the tide turns after a year and more of severely-disrupted education across all phases, FORUM invites contributions about the impact of the pandemic, and about prospects for the future. So sustained a crisis has shown us to ourselves. What has the return to a new ‘normal’ in education been like? What changes must be made in the light of the pandemic to improve education for all? How can these be won?

Contributors are welcome to contact Patrick Yarker in the first instance to discuss any aspect of their article. When submitting your article, please include a short Abstract—between 70 and 120 words is plenty—and a sentence or three of autobiographical information, as well as a publishable contact email address. The copy-date for this issue of FORUM is Monday 12 July. You are welcome to send in your article sooner.

Articles for FORUM weigh in at about 3500 words, but there’s no hard and fast word limit. We offer a platform for writing which is heartfelt as well as thought-through. Contributors are encouraged to say what they think needs saying in the way they feel it needs to be said. FORUM is not peer-reviewed, though the Editor and/or members of the Editorial Board will read and respond to all contributions. Past issues of the journal are available online at our new web address. Save for those very recently published, articles are freely downloadable.

Patrick Yarker
Editor, FORUM: for comprehensive education