FORUM: for promoting 3 to 19 comprehensive education – Call for Papers

Posted on 31/08/2021

How to change an education system?

Contributions are invited for the Spring 2022 number of FORUM. The deadline for submissions is Monday 8 November.

As the government proposes more of the same for an education system beginning to emerge from the worst effects of the pandemic, FORUM invites papers which address how the system could be and should be changed for the better. 

What might improve the current system?  Banning mobile phones from the classroom? Renewed commitment to the education of the whole child?  Enhanced concern for physical and mental well-being?  Overcoming fixed ‘ability’ thinking and practice?  Renovating the curriculum?  Scrapping exams?  Let us know what seems most pressing, and why.

We believe change for the better means movement in the direction of a comprehensive system.  What practical possibilities exist for such movement? What can we draw on from past experience to help bring it about?  What else needs to be done? 

Whether you are an educational practitioner, an academic, a campaigner, a trade union activist, or involved in education in another capacity, we’d be glad to hear from you, especially if you are involved in making changes in your educational setting which align with the comprehensive ideal. 

Contributors are welcome to contact Patrick Yarker in the first instance to discuss any aspect of their article.  When submitting your article, please include a short abstract—between 70 and 120 words is plenty–and a sentence or three of autobiographical information, as well as a publishable contact email address.  The copy date for this issue of FORUM is Monday 8 November.  You are welcome to send in your article sooner.

Articles for FORUM weigh in at about 3500 words, but there’s no hard and fast word limit.  We offer a platform for writing which is heartfelt as well as thought-through. Contributors are encouraged to say what they think needs saying in the way they feel it needs to be said.  FORUM is not peer-reviewed, though the Editor and/or members of the Editorial Board will read and respond to all contributions.  Past issues of the journal are available online at our new web address:   https://lwbooks.co.uk/journal/forum.  Save for those very recently published, articles are freely downloadable.

With best regards,

Patrick Yarker
Editor, FORUM: for comprehensive education