Mike Makin-Waite

Mike Makin-Waite worked in local government for over thirty years. He led Burnley Council’s work to promote community cohesion and good race relations during the decade when the BNP was represented on the council.

Looking back on the ‘northern town disturbances’ of 2001, the trauma of deindustrialisation and the rise of right-wing populism, his new book argues that events in Burnley were a harbinger of social and political shifts that have now resulted in Brexit and Labour’s loss of ‘red wall’ seats.

Makin-Waite’s first book, Communism and Democracy, was praised by reviewers as ‘fresh and unflinching …  ‘highly readable and stimulating’.  He has written for the journals Soundings, Twentieth Century Communism, Socialist History, Radical Philosophy, New Humanist, and Historical Materialism.