Stuart Hall

Stuart Hall, founding editor of Soundings.

Stuart Hall was an inspirational public intellectual, and the main architect of the field of cultural studies. In the 1950s, Stuart was a founder of the influential New Left Review and he joined the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies at Birmingham University in 1964. He took over as director of the Centre in 1968, and remained there until 1979. He played a crucial role in expanding the scope of cultural studies to deal with race, gender and identity politics, and with rescuing materialist ideas from determinism. He left the centre in 1979 to become a Professor of Sociology at the Open University. He was head of the Sociology Department for a decade, up until his retirement in 1997, when he became an Emeritus Professor.

Stuart’s work with Lawrence and Wishart spanned several decades. As well as being a founding editor of Soundings, he conributed to many L&W books, including analyses of identity politics, race, Thatcherism, and the neoliberal revolution.

We have a memorial page to Stuart, which collates thoughts from many of his colleagues and friends on his life, work and remarkably influential ideas. This can be viewed here.

BOOKS BY Stuart Hall


Selected Political Writings

The Great Moving Right Show and other essays

Stuart Hall