Sue Goss

Sue Goss is a writer, political scientist and commentator, and has been writing about politics, local government and democracy for the past thirty years. Her most recent publication is Open Tribe, an exploration of the possibility of combining solidarity with an openness towards difference. In the book, Sue’s conversations with politicians, academics, campaigners, and thinkers seek to answer the question: is it possible to have an ‘open tribe’?
Sue began her working life in the voluntary sector in Deptford, and has since been a politician, researcher, academic and a public sector consultant. Her PhD on the history of the local council and community in Southwark 1919-1982 was published as″ target=”blank”>Local Labour and Local Government in 1988. For the past twenty years she has been advising public sector organisations on strategy and systems leadership, and works as an individual and team coach.
Sue was deputy editor of Renewal journal for its first ten years, and has been Chair of″>Charter 88. She also chaired an IPPR Commission into ‘Active Citizenship’ published as” style=”line-height: 1.6;”>Lonely Citizens in 2004. She has written many articles for Renewal (e.g. ‘” style=”line-height: 1.6;”>The reform of public service reform’ in 2005) and other journals on local government, government reform, democratic participation and innovation.
Her previous publications include:

Democracy and the Public Realm: Compass Programme for Renewal by Hetan Shah and Sue Goss (Lawrence and Wishart, 2007).
Making Local Governance Work: Networks, Relationships and the Management of Change (Palgrave Macmillan, 2001).
Developing new roles for council members: Starting to Modernise, by Sue Goss and Paul Corrigan (Joseph Rowntree, 2000).
Civic Entrepreneurship, by Charles Leadbeater and Sue Goss (Demos, 1999).
Managing Working with the Public in Local Government (Kogan Page, 1999).
Councils in Conflict: The Rise and Fall of the Municipal Left by Stewart Lansley, Sue Goss and Christian Wolmar (Palgrave Macmillan, 1989).
Local Labour and Local Government: A Study of Changing Interests, Politics and Policy in Southwark 1919-82 (Edinbugh University Press, 1988).