Timothy Bewes

Timothy Bewes is Professor of English at Brown University. His books include Cynicism and Postmodernity (Verso, 1997), Reification, or The Anxiety of Late Capitalism (Verso, 2002), and The Event of Postcolonial Shame (Princeton University Press, 2011), as well as the edited or co-edited collections Georg Lukács: The Fundamental Dissonance of Existence (2011), Jacques Rancière and the Novel (2014), and The Anagonist (2020). His work has appeared in journals including Radical Philosophy, New Left Review, Contemporary Literature, Cultural Critique, Differences, New Literary History, and Twentieth Century Literature. He is Associate Editor of the journal Novel: A Forum on Fiction, and also sits on the editorial board of New Formations.

BOOKS BY Timothy Bewes


Cultural Capitalism

Politics after New Labour