76: Goodbye 2020



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Format: Single issue (print)

Publication date: December 1, 2020

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Exploring ‘artivist’ innovations in Ireland’s pro-choice campaign (Soundings 76, Winter 2020)

Lorna O'Hara

Editorial: Moving beyond response mode (Soundings 76, Winter 2020)

David Featherstone

Regional inequalities and the collapse of Labour’s ‘Red Wall’ (Soundings 76, Winter 2020)

Danny MacKinnon

The hostile environment and crimmigration: blurring the lines between civil and criminal law (Soundings 76, Winter 2020)

Jennifer Hendry

Labour needs a real class analysis and it needs it now (Soundings 76, Winter 2020)

David Byrne

Degrees on the side: student employment and the neoliberal university (Soundings 76, Winter 2020)

Jessica Simpson

Social reproduction as social infrastructure (Soundings 76, Winter 2020)

Sarah Marie Hall

‘A decisive effort is necessary’: heritage, Brexit and the British state (Soundings 76, Winter 2020)

Gerry Hassan, Patrick Wright

Migration in Afghan women’s poetry (Soundings 76, Winter 2020)

Liza Schuster, Riaz Muhammed Khan Shinwari

Review – Embodying precarious masculinities (Soundings 76, Winter 2020)

Carl Bonner-Thompson

Rethinking early years: how the neoliberal agenda fails children (Soundings 76, Winter 2020)

Celia Burgess-Macey, Clare Kelly, Marjorie Ouvry