A Spanish Civil War Scrapbook

Elizabeth Pearl Bickerstaffe’s newspaper cuttings of the wars in Spain and China from August 1937 to May 1939

Editor: Jim Jump



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Format: Paperback

Publication date: January 1, 2015

Page extent: 212

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A beautifully produced facsimile of a scrapbook kept by a 17-year-old children’s nurse in South Yorkshire, which chronicles the unfolding of the Spanish Civil War.

Elizabeth Pearl Bickerstaffe’s scrapbook cuttings reveal the extent of human suffering in the civil war in Spain – and China – in which civilians were the main casualties. They also tell of the vain efforts of campaigners in Britain, and the International Brigade volunteers, to prevent the triumph of the fascist powers in Europe. Through them we sense the fierce commitment to the cause of the Spanish Republic felt by the correspondents and photographers who witnessed this unfolding tragedy.

The role of the foreign correspondents in Spain is discussed in an introduction by Paul Preston, the foremost historian of the Spanish Civil War. Rodney Bickerstaffe writes in his foreword that the events in Spain, and his mother’s scrapbook, shaped his political values. Jim Jump’s preface explains more about the creation, context and consequences of Pearl Bickerstaffe’s compelling scrapbook of one of the major episodes in twentieth-century history.

Foreword – Rodney Bickerstaffe
Preface: Lasting Impressions of a War that Scarred a Family and a Generation – Jim Jump – FREE CHAPTER
Introduction: Foreign Correspondents in the Spanish Civil War – Paul Preston
Scrapbook Volume One
Scrapbook Volume Two
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‘This splendid book reproduces a teenager’s extensive scrapbook of press cuttings related to two wars in the late 1930s – the Spanish Civil War and the Japanese invasion of China.’

‘it’s essential reading because, as Bickerstaffe stresses in his foreword, it’s vital that future generations learn the lessons of what happened in Spain and know about the sacrifice of so many of the finest young people of their generation in the cause of freedom, social justice and democracy – a struggle that continues to this day.’

Tom Sibley, Morning Star

‘There are vivid accounts of the bombing of Barcelona, interviews with International Brigaders and hundreds of painful photographs, many of which have probably long been lost. It’s a fascinating montage of a war and editor Jim Jump and Elizabeth’s son Rodney Bickerstaffe, have produced a delightful and valuable reproduction of the scrapbook.’

Stephen Kelly, Tribune