After the Party

Reflections on life since the CPGB

Editor: Andy Croft



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Format: Paperback

Publication date: June 1, 2012

Page extent: 224

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Eight former members of the CPGB reflect on some of the personal, political and cultural changes of the last twenty years.

Twenty years after the demise of the Communist Party of Great Britain, eight former members, all of whom who stayed in the party until the bitter end, reflect here on some of the personal, political and cultural changes of the last twenty years. The paths of Dave Cope, Andy Croft, Alistair Findlay, Stuart Hill, Kate Hudson, Andy Pearmain, Mark Perryman and Lorna Reith have followed very different political trajectories since 1991 - taking them into the Green Party, the Labour Party, the CPB, SLP, Respect and no party at all. But most have remained politically active.

Combining personal and political history, analysis and autobiography, anecdote and argument, the contributors consider the consequences of the CP’s dissolution for British political and intellectual life.

Andy Croft Introduction

Mark Perryman The Revolution is Just a T-shirt Away

Kate Hudson A Political Error of Vast Proportions

Andrew Pearmain Towards a Marxist Theory of Love

Alistair Findlay No Future without Marx

Lorna Reith We Will Rebuild our Country Ten Times More Beautiful

Stuart Hill The Situation is Still as it Was

Dave Cope The Party is Dead – Long Live the Party!

Andy Croft The Democratisation of Everything

Reviews of After the Party:

‘warm and entertaining testimony of a small number of political activists who dared to dream of a world that was different and who refuse to see their efforts as time wasted’

John Haylett, Morning Star 

‘without the CPGB, the ability to organise for a more decent, just and sustainable world has been greatly impaired’

Tim Thorne, Search Foundation

‘Andy Croft’s ‘account of the endless and endlessly satisfying round of political and organisational activity in what was a large and overwhelmingly working-class Party branch serves as a valuable description of the best of the CPGB in its final decades.’

Nick Wright, Communist Review 66