Assimilating Identities

Racism and Educational Policy in Post 1945 Britain


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‘Assimilating Identities has at least two chapters that reveal more about the abiding racism within the British school system that almost anything else in print.This is a finely written and revealing record of a vital dimension of British educational history.’
Chris Searle, Tribune.

This book offers an historical analysis of the central role played by the educational process in Britain in creating and perpetuating an identification of black people as both an alien and a ‘problem’. With meticulous research, Ian Grosvenor documents national educational policy-making in this field, covering state level approaches to black students as they continually changed at least in rhetoric from assimilation, to integration and then multiculturalism. He also provides fascinating case study material on local education authority policies in Birmingham. 

The author concludes with a reflection on the possibilities of producing a transformative historical narrative of the nation, which would recognise the historical experiences of Britain’s black population, and thus could bring to an end the enduring postwar practices of exclusion. 

Ian Grosvenor is Head of History at Newman College.