Building a Citizen Society

The Emerging Politics of Republican Democracy



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Format: Paperback

Publication date: November 1, 2008

Page extent: 192

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‘The ideals of civic republicanism . have been undergoing a renaissance in scholarly circles for many years. This volume brings those ideas to bear on a range of contemporary issues . lucid, radical and relevant.’
Richard Reeves


‘a major contribution to neorepublican democratic theory’
Philip Pettit


‘sets out an attractive progressive public philosophy . and creates a compelling new agenda for public discussion.’
David Held

In this new collection, the idea of republican democracy is put forward as a way of moving progressive politics beyond its present impasse. The core aim of republicanism is taken to be the sustenance of a strong and participative civil society as well as an active and democratic state. The challenge is to put both the state and the market in their place, so as to build a citizen society.


John Barry, Simon Birnbaum, Ricardo Blaug, David Casassas, Alan Finlayson, Archon Fung, Catherine Howarth, Nien-he Hsieh, Lina Jamoul, Ian Loader, David Marquand, Catherine Needham, Erik Olin Wright, Nick Pearce, Rajiv Prabhakar, Kim Smith, Adam Tomkins, Neil Walker and Stuart White. Themes: constitutional reform and participation; security; ending domination in the workplace; the distribution of assets; Basic Income; citizens’ organising initiatives; democracy and time; green politics; solidarity and diversity; and determining the common good.

Stuart White teaches political theory at Jesus College Oxford, and is currently Director of the Public Policy Unit at Oxford University. He is the author of Equality (Polity, 2006) and is on the editorial advisory board of Renewal: a journal of social democracy.

Daniel Leighton is a researcher at the Young Foundation and previously worked at The Power Inquiry. He is the reviews editor of Renewal.