Glasgow: Going For A Song (City Cultures)

Author: Seán Damer



ISBN: 9780853157274 Categories: ,

Format: Paperback

Publication date: October 1, 1990

Page extent: 240

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Over the last decase Glasgow's reputation has swung from being the home of gang violence and unemployemnt to being a vibrant and bustling cultural centre, a sea change epitomised by it being declared European City of Culture in 1990. What lies behind the change of image? In this lively and witty dissection of the city's social, cultural and political life, Sean Damer looks behind the marketing hype at a Glasgow which has always been a lively and stimulating city. The Glasgow he reveals is home to religious sectarianism and poor housing, but also to an internationally famous sense of humour, an intense local pride and a celebration of language that are second to none.