Labour’s Promised Land?: Culture and Society in Labour Britain, 1945-51

Author: Jim Fryth



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Format: Paperback

Publication date: October 1, 1995

Page extent: 320

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The Labour governments of 1956-51 were the high point of Labour's popularity and enthusiasm for reform. They also established the framework for the post-war political consensus. This new collection of essays explores the cultural climate of Labour Britain and the framework of post-war political culture and welfare policies which conditioned that climate. Labour's Promised Land resists the temptation to view British culture of the period through rose-tinted glasses. The contributors critically assess the successes and failure of the Governments' policies, and cover issues such as: British cinema of the period, working-class consumer culture, the founding of the NHS, Labour's attempts to house and educate the heroes and their families, post-war feminist activity and the response of the right to their crushing defeat.

Contributors: Catherine Blackford, Douglas Bourn, John Callaghan, Christine Collette, Andy Croft, Rosalind Delmar, Martin Durham, Roger Fieldhouse, Steven Fielding, Jim Fryth, Nigel Glendinning, Steve Iliffe, Victor Kiernan, Robert Looker, Andy Medhurst, Steve Parsons, Angela Partington, Alison Ravetz, Alan Sinfield, Jonathan Wood.