Marx & Engels Collected Works Vol 08



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Format: Hardback

Page extent: 687

Volume 8 contains Marx and Engels writings from November 8, 1848 to March 5, 1849. This is the second of three volumes Volumes 7-9 covering the period of revolutions in 1848 and 1849.  Marx’s articles “The Crisis in Berlin”, “Counter-revolution in Berlin” and “The Bourgeoisie and the Counter-Revolution”, and his speech at the trial of members of the Rhenish District Committee of Democrats, contain an analysis of the course of the revolution in Germany from which he drew important theoretical generalisations and conclusions. Many articles of Marx and Engels deal with the revolutionary movement in Italy and Hungary.  The volume includes a group of articles and reports by Engels about the national liberation struggle of the Hungarian people: he gave a blow by blow account of the military operations and his predictions of their development were confirmed by subsequent events. Much of the material in this volume reflects the struggle waged by Marx and Engels to rally the revolutionary-democratic forces in Germany after the counter-revolutionary coup d’état in Prussia in November-December 1848.