Staying Close to the River: Reflections on Travel and Politics

Author: Ken Worpole



ISBN: 9780853158202 Categories: ,

Format: Paperback

Publication date: November 1, 1995

Page extent: 208

‘The words reflect the baffling, unstable quality of our time with all its sickening fears, persistent hopes and welcome, concrete pleasures.’ – Elizabeth Wilson

'Parents, friends, heroes: in time we lose them all, or they lose us. That's why writing has been so important for me.' Ken Worpole weaves a rich literary tapestry as he reflects on memories of friends and places he has known and loved. Through a unique series of letters, Staying Close to the River takes you to the source of things, charting a route through four generations of family life, the political progress of the left, the cities of the world and human fallibility. At times moving and also very funny, Ken's style is a testimony to the art of detailed evocation and meticulous observation, whether sweating on the road in Tuscany, meditating on the pain of cycling or discussing the arrival of 'Dallas' on Russian TV. This book is a rare gem.

Ken Worpole is a writer and social critic who has written a number of books on literary criticism, social history and contemporary cultural policy.