Travel Sickness: The Need for a Sustainable Transport Policy for Britain



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Format: Paperback

Publication date: October 1, 1992

Page extent: 358

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Originally commissioned from an independent group of transport analysts by shadow minister John Prescott as a blueprint for an environmentally friendly transport policy, this collection of essays has developed into one of the most comprehensive studies in the field ever published. Few areas of government policy have such immediate and potentially damaging effects on our quality of life as that which governs Britain's dangerously over-crowded and polluted road system. With the growing public realisation that a continued programme of roadbuilding and expanding car ownership are unsustainable, "Travel Sickness" provides a survey of the viable alternatives. Suggesting realistic shifts in policy and looking across to Europe's more benign forms of transport, this book shows how Britain could be a more pleasant, less stressful and safer place to live and work.