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This Conjuncture: The Environmental Conjuncture

Posted on 16/11/2021

This is the third of a series of online seminars hosted by the journal New Formations (current editor: Jeremy Gilbert) in Autumn 2021, organised by Rebecca Bramall and Jeremy Gilbert. The series marks the publication of the journal’s series of issues published under the title This Conjuncture and dedicated to the memory of Stuart Hall.


The Environmental Conjuncture

The planetary scale of global heating and climate breakdown calls for forms of analysis that extend beyond national politics and culture. Join Ashley Dawson, Ben Highmore and Kate Soper to discuss the role of conjunctural analysis in environmental thinking, the prospects for a Green New Deal, and the resources we can draw on to rethink post-growth living.


Ashley Dawson is Professor of English at the CUNY Graduate Centre, and at the College of Staten Island, City University of New York. Ashley is the author of People’s Power (2020), Extreme Cities (2017) and Extinction (2016).

Ben Highmore is Professor of Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex and a member of the editorial board of New Formations. His books include Ordinary Lives: Studies in the Everyday (2010), Culture (2016), and Cultural Feelings: Mood, Mediation, and Cultural Politics (2017). Ben’s article ‘Disjunctive constellations: on climate change, conjunctures and cultural studies’ was published as part of This Conjuncture.

Kate Soper is Professor Emerita of Philosophy at London Metropolitan University and a Visiting Professor at University of Brighton. Kate is the author of an extensive body of work on environmental philosophy, consumption, and cultural theory, most recently Post-Growth Living: For an Alternative Hedonism (2020).