Dave Cope

Dave Cope was born into a Communist family. Having joined the CP in 1971, he became manager of Progressive Books in Liverpool in 1975, and moved to Central Books in London in 1987. He remained in the CP until its demise in 1991, joining Democratic Left and then later the Labour Party. He left London for Kendal in 2004 to work full-time on his second-hand book business, Left on the Shelf, specialising in socialist material. He has previously written http://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=17353264732&tab=1″ style=”line-height: 20.8px;”>Central Books: A Brief History and a chapter in Andy Croft (ed.) After the Party: Reflections on Life Since the CPGB (Lawrence & Wishart, 2012).
Dave is engaged in on-going, if somewhat sporadic, research into the Paris Commune of 1871 and the history of radical bookshops in Britain. Some of the fruit of this research may be found on the web site of http://www.leftontheshelfbooks.co.uk”>Left on the Shelf. He would welcome any responses to this and offers of more information. He has a large personal collection of material on radical bookshops, and he is happy to share this with researchers. 
He has assisted in the publication of two books by Lord David Clark – http://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=7799256849″>The Labour Movement in Westmorland and http://www.abebooks.co.uk/servlet/BookDetailsPL?bi=17930574039″>Voices from Labour’s Past: Ordinary People Extraordinary Lives’. Both can be purchased from Left on the Shelf. Left on the Shelf has also assisted L&W in keeping https://www.lwbooks.co.uk/book/ragged-trousered-philanthropists”>The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists in print.