Bibliography of the Communist Party of Great Britain

Author: Dave Cope


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Format: Hardback

Publication date: March 1, 2016

Page extent: 366

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‘Nobody interested in the history of the Left in twentieth-century Britain can afford to ignore it.’ Dr Ian Patterson, Queens’ College, Cambridge

‘Its range is exceptional, its scholarship immense.’ Andrew Thorpe, Professor of Modern British History, University of Exeter

‘Dave Cope’s excellent bibliography is a milestone in the history of the CPGB.’ Chris Wrigley, Emeritus Professor of Modern British History, Nottingham University

‘an indispensable resource​ … ‘ Andrew Murray, Chief of Staff, Unite the Union

In this volume, Dave Cope provides an exhaustive list of materials published by, and in relation to, the Communist Party of Great Britain. This is the first comprehensive listing for any left-wing organisation in Britain.

The extensive introduction offers an entry point to the reference text that follows; among other areas Cope explores how written material on and by the CPGB was distributed, describing its heritage, and offers the first overview of the artists and designers who worked on this material. Andy Croft discusses the representations in fiction of imaginary and real CP members; Bert Hogenkamp lists documentary films featuring the CP and discusses the film companies behind them; and Kevin Morgan discusses past and current approaches to the history of the CPGB.

Many of the entries in the bibliography are annotated, especially those concerning lesser known activists. This new book replaces an earlier online version of the bibliography from 2008. It contains many more entries, as well as some corrections and more annotations. Often drawing out previously lost or unacknowledged materials, as well as providing the fullest list of materials to date, this bibliography represents an essential reference volume for any research on the Communist Party in Britain and it sheds new light on the political and cultural life of the left in Britain in the twentieth century.

Introduction – Dave Cope
General introduction
The Communist Party in Fiction – Andy Croft
The Communist Party on the Stage
Communist Party Films – Bert Hogenkamp
Artists and the Communist Party
Historiography of the CPGB – Kevin Morgan
Sources and Locations
Bibliographies and reference works
Internet sites
Associated publishers
Factory papers – not traced
Some foreign language material

1. National Publications
2. Local Publications
3. National Magazines
4. Local Magazines
5. Our History
6. YCL Publications
7. YCL Magazines
8. Students
9. Daily Worker/Morning Star
10. Modern Books
11. About the CP – Books and Pamphlets
12. About the CP – Magazine Articles
13. Unpublished Memoirs
14. Theses
Introduction to Indexes
a. Introduction to Names
b. Introduction to Topics

‘This is a major contribution to the study of twentieth-century history. Its range is exceptional, its scholarship immense. With it, Dave Cope has produced an indispensable guide to the literature of and about the British Communist Party. It should be the constant companion of anyone working in this perennially fascinating field.’

– Andrew Thorpe, Professor of Modern British History, University of Exeter


‘Dave Cope’s Bibliography of the CPGB is a major achievement, the most complete and wide-ranging listing of Communist Party material ever compiled. The product of many years’ work, it will be essential for researchers, librarians, and archivists; and with its substantial introduction and the notes preceding each section, it is a work of scholarship in its own right. Nobody interested in the history of the Left in twentieth-century Britain can afford to ignore it.’

– Dr Ian Patterson, Queens’ College, Cambridge


‘Drawing on his long years of meticulous research and boundless enthusiasm for his subject, Dave Cope’s excellent bibliography is a milestone in the history of the CPGB. The book is much more than a bibliography as it has perceptive essays by experts in the field, Andy Croft, Bert Hogenkamp and Kevin Morgan as well as by Cope himself.’

– Chris Wrigley, Emeritus Professor of Modern British History, Nottingham University


‘Every student, amateur or professional, of twentieth-century labour and communist movement history will have reason to be grateful for this work. It is an indispensable resource covering all published aspects of a Party which lived its life in print, as well as on the streets and in the workplaces.’

– Andrew Murray, Chief of Staff, Unite the Union

“Cope has mined a deep vein of political and cultural life about a significant section of the left in Britain. It should be the ‘go to’ book of reference for any historian, researcher or activist who wants to find out more about the CPGB’s 71 years of activity”

– Mike Davis, Chartist

“Cope’s work is incredibly thorough and scrupulous, furthered by the listing of work not only by the CPGB, but also of work about the party […] It is, additionally, commendable that Cope clearly foregrounds his commitment to expanding and updating the bibliography, and issuing annual printed copies. Given its distinctiveness, and depth, I can highly recommend the Bibliography of the Communist Party of Great Britain to left historians and social movement scholars, and hope that its publication will lead to further explorations of left history and culture.”

– Chris Waugh, Marx & Philosophy Review of Books

‘You should not take the comprehensive nature of this work for granted in that it represents the experience and professionalism of a lifetime and it also celebrates the work of such bibliophiles as Ruth and Eddie Frow. This is a committed piece of work, not just from Dave Cope but from all those who contributed to the movement over the years.’

– David Hargreaves, North West Labour History Journal