Capital Volume 2

Author: Karl Marx



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Format: Hardback

Publication date: May 6, 1987

Page extent: 624

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Volume II of Capital examines the movement of capital in circulation. Marx explains how profit is spontaneously regulated by the market mechanism despite the anarchic character of social production as a whole. Marx shows the potential and the limitations of the market in his famous reproduction schema. But he does much more besides. He demonstrates the possibility of crises, the disruptive effects of the circulation of fixed capital, and he lays the theoretical foundations for analysing unproductive labour. These are of crucial theoretical importance, retaining their relevance for revealing the anatomy of modern capitalism. In addition, through the presentation of the turnover and the circuits of capital, Marx mounts a powerful critique of certain economic theories.

The second volume of Capital was pulled together and edited by Frederick Engels after the death of Karl Marx. The first German edition of it appeared in 1885. A 2nd German edition was likewise prepared by Engels and published in 1893. The present English edition follows the German 1893 edition carefully checked with the manuscripts edited by Engels and preserved at the Institute of Marxism - Leninism. This book includes Engels' prefaces to the 1st and 2nd German editions of Capital, Volume II and is provided with bibliographical, name and subject indices.