Doreen Massey: Selected Political Writings – eBook

Selected Political Writings



Format: eBook

Publication date: May 23, 2022

Page extent: 260

Doreen Massey was one of the most influential human geographers of the post-war period. A key feminist and socialist thinker, she brought geographical inequality to the fore of left politics. Through her activism, she combined a focus on class with a prescient awareness of its intersections with gender, race and sexuality.

This book is a collection of Doreen Masseys essential political writings, from reflections on support groups during the 1984-5 Miners Strike to assessments of the Sandinistas’ spatial policies and ownership campaigns relating to Liverpool Football Club. It gives a vivid sense of Masseys dynamic style as a left public intellectual whose work impacted major political initiatives, and introduces her important ‘politics of place’ to a new generation of activists.

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Rethinking region and economy 

1. A politics of location (1983)
2. The Shape of Things to Come (1983)
3. Heartlands of Defeat (1987)
4. A new class of geography (1988)
5. Vocabularies of the economy (2013)

New Urban left and beyond

6. The great male moving right show (1984, with Lynne Segaland Hilary Wainwright)
7. Beyond the coalfields: the work of the Miners’ SupportGroups (1985, with Hilary Wainwright)
8. Keep moving on (1985, with Hilary Wainwright)
9. Equal opportunities: the GLEB experience (1987)

Politics of place

10. A Global Sense of Place (1991)
11. Places and their pasts (1995)
12. The Geography of power (2000)

Learning from Latin America

13. Nicaragua: reflections on some socio-spatial issues in a society in transition (1986)
14. Learning from Latin America (2012)
15. Concepts of space and power in theory and in political practice (2009)

Occasional writings

16. Liverpool’s football activists are part of a wider social movement (2010)
17. Exhilarating times (2016)

Whether it was challenging the policy-making processes for planning in a city like London or for tackling global inequality, Doreen Massey was at the forefront of explaining the significance of space. Her work made geography about more than maps and description and transformed it into a tool for explaining and changing the distribution of political power.
– John McDonnell, Labour MP for Hayes and Harlington and former Shadow Chancellor 

Doreen Massey was a remarkably generous and democratic thinker and those traits are well-displayed in this collection. She anticipates here so much of today’s debates about regional inequality and the politics of place, but is always alive to how class and sex and ethnicity play against and with each other. How I wish we had her now!
– Aditya Chakrabortty, senior economics commentator, the Guardian

Packed with ideas and observations that resonate for now, these engaging essays also throw light on the range and depth of Doreen Massey’s socialist feminist thinking about the past.
– Sheila Rowbotham, author of Daring to Hope: My Life in the 1970s