Marx & Engels Collected Works Vol 06



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Format: Hardback

Publication date: June 27, 5200

Page extent: 805

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Volume 6 includes works written on the eve of the bourgeois-democratic revolutions of 1848-49 in Europe.  They reflect on the concluding stage of Marx and Engels working out of the general theoretical foundations of Marxism, their first steps towards the creation of a proletarian party and their drawing up of the programme and tactical platform of the international working class movement.  The volume contains Marx’s  Poverty of Philosophy.  The central work in this volume is the Manifesto of the Communist Partypublished with its preliminary versions (“Draft of a Communism Confession of Faith”,Principles of Communism).  This is the first programmatic document of scientific communism expounding the fundamentals of Marxism in a comprehensive and systematic form. Also included in this volume are numerous articles and reports by Marx and Engels published in The Northern Star, Deutsche-Brusseler-Zeitung, La Reforme plus documents of the Communist League.