Marx & Engels Collected Works Vol 12



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Volume 12 contains mainly articles and reports - written between March 1853 and February 1854 – published in New York Daily Tribune, The People’s Paper and other newspapers. During the year 1853-54 the journalistic writings of Marx and Engels focused on three areas – the economic condition of European countries, the prospects for a new advance of the democratic and proletarian movements, the industrial struggle of the working class and the attempt to revive the Chartist movement, the colonial policies of the capitalist powers and the national liberation movements of the oppressed peoples; the problems of international relations, especially the contradictions among the European powers in the Middle East and the Balkans which led to the Crimean War. The appendix to Volume 12 contains Marx’s notes on the views of the US economist Carey.  These notes consist of extracts from Marx’s letters to his comrade Adolph Cluss.