Marx & Engels Collected Works Vol 18



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Volume 18 contains the articles Marx and Engels wrote for The New American Cyclopaedia between July 1857 and November 1860 (including their preparatory materials), together with Engels’ articles for the military periodicals The Volunteer Journal for Lancashire and Cheshire written between August 1860 and March 1862. Most of the works deal with military and military-historical problems.  Engels was the first writer to apply Marxist theory to military affairs and in this volume his pieces elaborate the theoretical principles of military science. From the standpoint of materialist dialectics he analyses the main aspects of the evolution of the armed forces as a whole and of the different fighting services, the development of the art of war, strategy and tactics, the organisation of the armed forces and the recruitment and training of troops.  Engels’ article on Afghanistan, Algeria and Burma condemn the expansionist policy of Britain and France and describe the national liberation struggle of the Asian and African peoples against colonial powers